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I've been here.

Turn off your phone, don't use facebook and take 3 days of rest. Full rest.

When you come back, make sure push notifications from facebook, twitter, etc are OFF. I know it's tough, even if you use those to get business. But do it. It is more of a drain than you think.

Most importantly, find your 20 mile march. A small set of actions you can do each day to lead to your bigger goal.

For more on the 20 mile march, watch my video or reach out! I would love to help. Hope you are pushing through this.


Best way in the beginning is to do it the old fashioned way: calls and emails to set up demos.

First, I use You can search by different industries and create a list

Then email and call.

Approach the email/call in a way that you want their input on a new tool, and frame it that you are researching their industry to get feedback. You should be able to get demos from that.

Then when you are on a demo, make sure you have a really attractive offer to join the beta program (you should call this the "Founding Member Program"). For example, if they join, they get free access to the beta product then 10% off for life when you launch the full product.

Let me know if I can expand or help any more.

Start by calling SEO resellers. Ask them if they experience any challenges sharing reports with their clients. If they do, dig into what the problems are. Does your solution meet what they need? If so, tell them you are creating a solution they'd like and ask them if they want to buy it. Then you have two options: collect payment then and there for your uncreated product or add them to your list to contact when you launch. But first you need to validate that enough SEO resellers need the product you want to create. Start there.

Interesting. First step is to validate your idea with the market: Set a minimum success criteria for how many customers you want to have on Day 1 to prove that the business is validated with the market. For example, set a goal to get 5 people to pre-pay for jet ski rentals and go to talk to people and get the sales. Set them in the schedule for Wednesday. Then make sure you have the paperwork and jet ski by then. Business validated. Go get more customers. Running it remotely within in a week... I'd have to think on that one a bit more.

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