Eshan MalikA human trying to make everyone happy

Belive in me i am the guy everyone needs
Don't let others come to you in your low
Go to others in your prime
We all know we have come single and will also go single from this world

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I have some points to your solution my brother as you can Know Your Stuff: Understand your products
inside out.
2. Know Your Customers: Figure out who your
customers are and what they like.
3. Share Helpful Stuff: Make easy-to-
understand content about your products on
blogs, videos, and social media.
4. Be Friendly: Talk to customers like friends.
Help them out whenever they need it
5. Help Your Team: Teach your team
everything they need to know to sell well.
6. Give Rewards: Offer bonuses and prizes to
your team to keep them motivated.
7. Bring People Together: Create a community
where your team can support each other.
8. Listen Up: Ask for feedback from customers
and your team, and make changes based on
what they say.
9. Stay Flexible: Be ready to change your plans
if things aren't working out.
I hope these things works man

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