Joshua Boyt (Founder/Chief Resonator Tuning Fork Consulting)17yrs in coffee & business/ brand development

Experience opening 100+ retail concepts BGA level 2 certified 10years- Dillanos Coffee Rosters national consulting 8yrs- International speaker at Coffeefest Tradeshows Owner of Nationally acclaimed Metronome Coffee Founder of Tuning Fork Consulting 5 Years- Founding Director of Sales and Marketing for Victrola Coffee Roasters in Seattle, Wa Co-Owner/Founder Advanced Placement LLC

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You need to show potential ROI or they will never buy in. I worked for a short time in developing ad sales for Zillow and were doing multi million dollar days in ad revenue.

What do you have that will bring potential new customers to your advertisers? Are you helping them reach an existing or new target market? What makes you different from the marketplaces that currently have their ad dollars?

I would love to get on a call and explore ideas within your concept.


I have worked in brand development for over a decade.

Have you ever thought about doing a high end concierge service? People answer questions and send pictures to have high end goods and gifts selected for them.

Give me a call! I would love to brainstorm!

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