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I have funded 50 millon in loans in a year. I trained anther executive to do the same and turned a territory that lost all business due to adverse results into one that funded 100 million with said executive and myself. I have owned two start upsFounder of two start ups, use "Luminosity" of Optimism

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One viable option is to attain unsecured bundles of high limit business credit cards available in your condition based on two criteria. Have an entity formed, costs $500 by any number of low paid highly indebted attorneys, and personal credit scores of 700 hounded. This financing is available up to $200,000 and convertible to cash and used for any businesses purpose. Such as paying for the fees to attain the funding, payroll, qualifying for additional loans by providing collateral or investments into ones business, paying for the minimum %2 monthly payment on funds used, reports only on business credit protecting your personal credit unless on defaults on the loan, start ups can report no income or assets and attain funding but at lower amounts, as customary with credit cards, income and assets are stated no financial documentation is requested, once approved there are no reviews on how you utilize your loans like bank lines of credit do rarely and monitor your credit, and can convert your lines of credit into term loans and take away your existing available credit with no recourse or obligation to justify changing terms and conditions. You can also attain equipment lease financing to purchase or ever to take equipment you have equity in and you will attain %100 lease financing by signing over title, and use the funds as you choose. You can attain free business credit building systems and start to offset how your personal credit may be showing signs of financial stress simply by making $25 dollar monthly payments on five merchants your buy products form each month and pay back before 30 days. One can attain a $7,000 merchant credit line apporved by one company that approves with no criteria and provides low payment options for business services including marketing, web SEO, web development, provide credit to your clients that purchase your products in the thousands if I am not mistaken, office equipment, computers business and personal travel packages, all of which as very low monthly payments, only subject to your submitted pay stub or business revenue. I believe there is about a $100 fee. All your payments report to your business credit. Also, make this financing available to your potential clients can make deals happen that otherwise wouldn't. Funding is attained in two weeks. This is the best I have for you. Oh, zero interest for up to 12 months on the unsecured business credit lines. Give me a call and you can get an underwritter to provide a prequalification in 24 -48 hours, and an assigned expert business adviser to review your report and your options. There is no harm to your credit, no up front fee, fees only if one attains a loan, and one can uses a partners credit to qualify if needed. You always have options if you are not thinking linearly. Use other peopoles resources, get up and running with their merchant credit where you can send out mass marketing if you know what works to get clients comming in large numbers. Look for Jay Abraham on how to find options that everyone has but over looks. With templates, case studies, partnerships, find a business that sells similar or not, products they can't move eight er and bundle them with yours and set up a fifty percent or more take on the products you sell of the other company. Find a company that has a sales staff but no product to sell or not enough market and put them to work for you for a full month and share in the profits one attains every 30 days. Come on. You can do this. Keep reaching out.

Hello, My name is Wes Graham and I have experience on various levels with entities. The best option for you really is to work this company's free consultation. They know how to use sophisticated combinations of entities and even know which state one would most benefit from. Nevada is particularly beneficial for business liability protection. Litigation favors the business in Nevada. As well as taking your earning from the business and placing them into a trust separating your personal and business assets like Donald Trump does. His very large real estate businesses went bankrupt twice yet both times he make millions and kept them out of bankruptcy while others were left with nothing but a potential tax write off. Do do real estate deals with Donald trump. Separate personal and business assets by never using your personal assets to fund your business. The law treats you very shabbily and your entity is null and void in respect to keeping your personal assents from being taken from you. I can help you build business credit for free and easily attain a loan the amount you are investing. From their website you will see how fortunate you are to have found there services. The quick answer to you question is yes you can easily set up a separate Business entity that owns an agency, And you should by all means. You can get a low cost entity formed but that is penny wise and pound foolish. If you don't conform your entity is of no use. Have it reviewed once a year. I send my clients to this company and always with top performance and valid entities. I even pay for close friends of mine who own successful businesses, who happen to be Attorneys so that they are afford all the amazing benefits and protection. I feel it is my duty to do so, You can even get trusts formed with this company. An irrevocable life insurance trust is a very good option for particular conditions some client present. You could easily get up to speed with this company if they do them and set up a phone consultation so that they can make an informed decision and you can close another deal on the same clients, and feel real good knowing you enhanced your clients and with the best service
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