Chuck BradyTechnology Leader & Entrepreneur

Chuck has held leadership positions as Founder, Business Consultant, Board Advisor, VP of Worldwide Sales, VP of North America, Director of Sales, Regional Manager - North America, as well as various sales roles within the software and technology industry. Chuck possess extensive expertise in building organizations from the ground up, developing winning Go-to-Market Strategies, building successful sales, strategic alliance, operations, and support organizations, bringing innovative industry disruptive technologies to market, creating new revenue streams, P&L, M&A, investor relations, and Board of Directors interaction & accountability. He thrives on creating profitability with a high emphasis on the customer experience and satisfaction. Chuck has vast experience in leading revenue generation and profitability, as well as building and motivating high-performing cross functional teams to rapidly and successfully grow technology companies. He is an accomplished leader and professional with acute business acumen who has exceeded expectations throughout his entire career. Chuck possess wide ranging knowledge and experience in: Mobile, Cloud, SaaS, Digital Transformation, Big Data Analytics, Sales Force Effectiveness, Application Management, & Professional Services.

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Not everyone is independently wealthy or can work without pay. As an executive in a startup you need to make certain sacrifices to keep the momentum going and hopefully you've prepared for that and have some cash flow to pay your bills. However, you can't expect everyone you hire to live by stock alone. There has to be some compensation as the best people out there should be making money at their current position. You have to find the happy medium of stock and cash flow. If your top candidate is the right candidate they should be willing to sacrifice a bit of cash flow to get in at the ground floor and help the organizations grow.

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