Alexander Jarvis50Folds. Former VC in Asia. Helped 3 unicorns

Founder of 50Folds,, Former venture capitalist in Asia. Helped build/found Groupon, Lazada and Delivery Hero. Set-up 10+ companies. Active mentor and media commentator.

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I make advanced financial models. I have one for SaaS and enterprise SaaS. If you are looking for something basic, then there are some free ones available. Chris Janz's is the best.

There isn't one. You basically need to scape everyone for the data unless they give you an API.
This gets pretty hard. I know a startup in Singapore that could probably help.

If you're taking money from an accelerator they have a template. Yes, if they really want you you can negotiate, but they have a template, right?
The only way to know for sure is to read the whole note.

Where? The world is a big place.
Short answer, conferences are not that useful unless you are on a panel/speaking etc. Recommend you focus on building grass roots. Conferences can be a part of it, but how you do conferences matters, otherwise is an expensive use of cash.

Agree with Dan.
The key questions are:
# how much do you want to invest (do you have enough to invest in ~20 companies)
# can you afford to lose it
# what is your current basis of knowledge.
# how much time do you have to learn

If you have time and money, go EIR for a vc/angel for free (have a friend who did this) and learn for a year.

If you only have $10k, don't bother.

Mate, assuming you have transferable skill set to 'add value' just join another startup. It also keeps you in the game.
$1000 a month is not much for almost everyone if you can help out and not 'take time'.
Ping people on LinkedIn and hustle. Whilst you are there plan next steps.

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