Hassan HaiderWikipedia expert - Engineer, Technical writer

I'm a veteran Wikipedia contributor and publisher, since a decade, and 17000+ contributions apart from being a well experienced technical writer.

I'm a Metallurgy and Materials Engineer by profession, experienced in projects related to engineering (4 years experience), technical writing, content creation, project management, supply chain, destructive and non destructive testing, product design and manufacturing areas as well as applied physics and nanotechnology areas. I feel that I have a strong background in research and technical writing (8 years experience), materials engineering, manufacturing and product design.

As the Founding CEO, I work with a team of engineers at my startup at Highbrows Engineering and Technologies ( http://www.highbrows.pk ) and have a host of engineering and technical services available for you which I can get done for you either per project basis on fixed price or on hourly basis with expertise in (but not limited to) web development, software development, engineering solutions, applied sciences and bespoke business solutions. I aim to provide the clients with tailor made solutions as well as out of the box concept products and services.

Highbrows, also registered as an agency on odesk (see right of my profile for odesk agency link), is a multi directional consulting and technology development startup working on the world's latest technologies. Our team comprises reputed engineers and developers from top Pakistani and international universities with experience in cutting edge research in the respective fields. With the aim innovative and open minded business firms that are ready to be the trend setters rather than trend followers, we aspire to develop products and services that suit our clients. Diverging into multi-directions gives Highbrows unmatched unique resources and research background for both commercial and scientific products and services development where we aim to use the overlap of applied sciences with commercial product development for the best.

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I have known buyers to interview high end contractors which they carefully turn in to a consultation. They might never be there to pay and are simply interviewing you for consultation on the topic and to get multiple options. This is unfair to you because you are spending time on a client that does not intend to contract.

You can recognize this when you see the client is starting to ask questions on how you would perform the job. While you can give 1-2 very generic tips or in other ways prove that you are the guy who can get it done, when it comes to this, you should ask for consultation fees. Once you ask for consultation fees from that point onward, it is completely clear - a willing client will hire you for a consultation get get all options they can benefit from or simply contract you for the actual task. A window shopper will back out.

The only thing to be careful about is, not to ask for consultation fees too soon into the conversation as a legitimate client may be curious about how good you are at what you do. This is something you can prove in multiple ways.

It would also be a good idea to start from the willingness to contribute ie. the partner would be an active partner or simply investing and being an inactive partner - all in comparison to what skills, funds and workable solutions they are bringing to the table.

The issue is that I already have the marketplaces you mentioned covered. Also I am looking for marketing my services, not *creators of wikipedia pages* (as that would be me). Furthermore, I can not spend time expanding this outside of freelance market places at this moment which is why I would like to partner with someone who can do it for me as an affiliate.

Thanks alot for all the advice. Juggaar, being a generic term for its niche itself, has the advantage of being a blog that can target a huge market in South Asia and related diaspora. However, inherently, those interested in juggaar culture don't usually pay for information products or any thing that can come under DIY for that matter; it is a spirit of the niche itself, the reason the blog is popular in the first place.

I am thinking of online products that are not merely information products / ebooks... my niche is likely not going to pay for it. Hence my question of how to getting it around and turning it into something that either actually converts sales or snowballs users (or user generated content / activity / interaction) if it has to be just information.

Facebook page / ads (more appropriately SMM) *and* SEO should go hand in hand. There are many SEO tactics that are inherently unused and even unexploited in general.

When you go for online marketing, remember that it is not a process that you would out source it to a firm and forget about it till they get you results. It is called a campaign because it *is* one. Treating it as such will help you in areas that you had not previously thought of. In all mentions of your brand online, think of how it would affect your SEO. Hire online and optimize the job posts for SEO; when you post a job on a popular platform, a multitude of job sites copy your ads from different job platforms and these repeated mentions of your company improve your online visibility and website ranking, dont go for blog posts about you - go for news posts; news articles that even barely mention you give you great credibility and is a better way to spend your influence and money as opposed to ads and most of all when you get 8-10 news reports about you, go for a wikipedia page; wikipedia ranks in the world's top websites, it improves your visibility and SEO in ways no social media effort can.

Google's knowledge graph on the right panel that appears in searches is something even more visible than the search results. Optimize that. Google picks it up from your social media and wikipedia pages and if you dont have them properly set up, it wont show a knowledge graph for you, or worse, may show one about some one else with a similar name when you are searched up.

If you go on a platform like Upwork, you may find already reviewed contractors. You may look at their work history, real life work experience and other profile details to make your decisions. I work on Upwork as a wikipedia page creator and have found that many of my newer clients usually search for the tag line and basic profile summary rather than work history - so it may make sense that you would like to hire those without a great work history on the platform itself as they may also be mentioning, *real life* experience and off platform experience which may lead you to hiring them on the same platform.

Take your business to a niche where your competitors are no match for you. Take advantage of your experience and expertise. Make it cutting edge.

I write & publish Wikipedia pages, I charge around 3 times higher than what one would get normally from a freelance writer but the ones I create are not deleted by Wikipedia. With a history to demonstrate this, clients accept my higher prices and go for a page once that will stick rather than creating bad faith at wikipedia by going for non-compliant pages. This ofcourse involves real effort, expertise, technical know-how, a decade of experience, diligence and compliance from my end to ensure that it's worth the client's risk.

See how it fits to your business and how you can make sure that client is infact *willing* to pay your higher price himself rather than going for a lower priced "competitor". I put it in scare quotes because you are essentially wiping out competition and making sure that your competitors are no more your *direct* competitors.

You may already be there, but to relate that fact to the client and for client to be able to recognize and *appreciate* this, you would need to optimize your cover letter / sales pitch that does not delve into general promotional stuff about you - rather this should be a compact informative brief about what you can do which does not just out competes others, it makes them irrelevant for the client. As Jon Manning said, you will need to demonstrate yourself as a "5 star hotel" with actual work or credibility of past *clients* you've worked with. Once you've done that, the client will rather negotiate with you for hours to perhaps lower your price and finally accept *where ever* you take your last stand, but still not go to another provider. In anycase, it's an iterative process.

Use MediaWiki. It's the platform used by Wikipedia, easy to set up, secure, well tested and familiar interface for collaborative knowledge management.

Perhaps you might want to go for a wikipedia page instead as that ranks much higher than any press website.

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