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Presently serve as VP of Technology company, prior owner of Talent Acquisition company, and Previous District Director of Indiana State SHRM. Presently serve as a Director on Hampton Roads Society of Human Resource board. Prior Board member for Goodwill Industries,, and have owned several service companies over the past 25 years. I have done work for Eli Lilly, Office Concepts, 80/20, Vera Bradley, PunchOut2Go, Biz-Tech, Maple leaf Technologies, Essex Wire Intl., People Data, OSG, Sweetwater Sound and many more tech clients over the past several decades. Current projects include V3 program, Vet Hire program, Warrior Bridge, and funding for hiring transitioning Veterans into workforce.

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Hello my name is Reuben, I serve currently on the local Human Resource Board of Directors and have over 25 years of HR experience. The various projects I have worked it do have a lot of relevancy for your question, but require some conversation to get real specific. I would offer you some generalities which may give you some basic direction but it is hard to give you clarity with limited engagement in the problem. Your question is actually one of type of business and structure. If this were a legal partnership or limited partnership type arrangement or is it a true Employee / employer arrangement? This of course sets the tone for how documents of business is setup and compensation with regard to skin in the game. I do have some examples which I can share but again the information will be based on type of business or service and what is going currently in the marketplace in similar type businesses as a good example. I would be happen to learn more and give you some specifics but do have some questions which will then alter the answers I provide. While I know this is really vague, I do this because I have clients in various verticals with different dynamics which really set the tone for how we are able to attract talent and engagement the type of talent needed to grow the business. Please feel free to reach out as time permits...

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Finding a CTO is really an individual company cultural centric framework which is governed by technical competency for the area of operation you work it. I recently merged several tech companies into one for this reason, because each partner carries expertise in different verticals the main company operates in or does business. The expertise needed can very often for a startup be outsourced to minimize cost. I have several clients that I work with that have used this strategy to vet cultural fits and minimize cost on staff for a role which may only need have limited engagement or ramped project engagement with the main core business. This of course depends on your business and organizational design, after 25 years in Human Resources and several Tech Endeavors in my life. I have come to realize that fractional CFO, CTO or HR pros have loads of value and can often bring expertise, which can not be found in a direct hire. However this really depends on type of business and markets company works in. I am open to conversation on this as you would like some examples or ideas...

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Hello this question is very open in nature and the topic of sourcing or talent engagement for various projects is really based on the task or project at hand. Understanding your position or unique proposition and creating a value statement or selling point for use in the marketplace is one way to attract like mined individuals to your endeavor. However, this is a very limited answer, and to really get a solid actionable plan some concerns and questions need to be reviewed. I have over 25 year in Talent Management, and source currently for DOD, Private and SAAS, SAAP type companies. Sourcing talent is always a challenge if you do not first define what you need and why, then create a strategy to obtain the resource in the vertical you operate in...I would willing to speak with you on this as you want to learn more and answer any specific questions you may have.

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