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A bona fide social media sensation, Dan is able to command as much attention through a single YouTube video as he is on all the times he was featured on FOX Business News, MSNBC, CBC, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and Business Insider.

Dan Lok is also one of the few mentors who actually owns a portfolio of highly successful business ventures.

His teachings and mentorship come from real-life experiences and the great success he has attained.

Yet, none of these “bragging rights” or “claims to fame” matter much to him.

Dan’s mission is to serve and help people like you attract high-value clients, monetize your content, scale your audiences, and generate significant revenue online.

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Hourly rate is the worst way to charge for your expertise. That's an employee mentality.

Charge per project and charge for outcome. People don't care what the hourly rate, they want to know if I pay you X, you're going to deliver the Y results I am looking for.

My guess is you probably do most of the talking during the 30 minutes consultation.

The 30 minute consultation isn't really designed for you to give your best ideas and strategies away for free.

It's designed to qualify the prospects by asking them questions and discovering their needs.

Don't do show and tell. Don't sound like a salesperson.

In this video, I talk about why you need to qualify hard.

There's a lot of money to be made in the luxury space, but you need to bring something unique to the marketplace.

That means studying BEYOND that just what you learn in school.

I know that's what you are passionate about, but you need to create a message that resonates with your clients.

Meaning how is this going to help them solve some major problems in their lives? (Financial, relational, spiritual, or physical)

So many coaches struggle to even make minimum wage because they sell what they want to sell (they project their own values on to their clients) instead of selling what people actually want to buy.

Retailers always want a proven product with an existing demand. Even if you do get it on the shelves, if the handbag doesn't sell, they won't keep you on the shelves very long.

Depends on your marketing budget, I think your best bet is partner up with social media influencers (especially instagrammers with a large following in UK), get them to endorse and showcase your products and drive them to a simple ecommerce funnel.

Once you have a proven sales record, then you can take your numbers to the retailers.

Now you are not begging them to take your products, you are saying, "Hey, I've got this handbag that's selling so well online, I think your customers would want to buy it in your store as well. How many do you want to carry?"

If these are paid students, you should. Not only you can get feedback, but you can TEXT. Email is not always reliable.

Just have a line below the phone number field saying:

(Don't worry, we won't call you. The phone number is just for emergency only. i.e. you lose access to your email account or forget your password)

Your focus shouldn't be on raising money and launching the show. Your focus should be producing a great show.

I launched my own business podcast Shoulders of Titans with only a few hundred dollars.

Here's what you need:

A voice talent to create an intro and extro. ($200)

Editing software: (FREE)

Sennheiser PC 8 USB ($50)

Show Graphics & Artwork. $20

Get a few shows going, then you can go pitch sponsors. Start small. Forget 52 episodes. Let's focus on just getting the first 5 episodes up and running.

Don't let this hold you back. It has nothing to do with how much resources you have, it has to do how resourceful you are.

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