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Thinking of your next app idea? Let's get you featured by Apple / Google. Whilst we're at it, let's keep your costs down & find you recurring revenues from day 1 of launch.

Do you need to FIND GREAT DEVELOPERS? Do you need help building a TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION? Do you want your project to be delivered on-time and ON BUDGET? Do you want to GENERATE REVENUE from Day 1? Get in contact.

I have built successful mobile apps for iOS & Android and am now keen to share proven tactics with you. These are apps that generated over 40k downloads in their first 30 days on the store. I've also created apps that have failed & turned them around into success stories. Apps that all now generate sustainable revenue & kickstarted new businesses.

There's a lot to consider for anyone embarking on an app development project. There are so many options today, it's hard to know where to draw the line with your app's functionality. I can help you with this on both of these platforms:

IOS - I have acquired a very deep technical understanding of Swift 3.0 and the latest APIs and tools available to developers today. From Apple Watch, to Today Extensions, to Interactive Notifications, to In-App Purchases - there's a lot to consider. Apple will be your friend if revenue is important to your business.

ANDROID - I have delved into Google recently, generating over 50k downloads for apps in the Play store. Google is your friend if you have an underlying product and volume of downloads (not necessarily revenue) is important to your business.

7 years prior I was saving millions of dollars for bluechip firms in the world of Procurement. I can therefore help you & your small company to find your next important supplier. It need not be concerning software or tech. Contact me for info on how to create a tender or a RFP for any product or service.

Recent Answers

Coming from the buy-side, I'm sure I have a different spin than those sales & marketing gurus who I'm sure will be keen to help you & comment shortly.

You're lucky because there are SO many avenues these days. However it is hard to keep on top of them all and there's no one stop shop currently. Having worked in the public sector, I can help provide you with some of their advertised opportunity / tender sites. These tend to be very high value & very competitive but they also are well advertised in advance (unlike the private sector). There's also a few private sector customer/supplier portals around in recent years which link people together to obtain/provide this expertise. I'll be happy to point you in the right direction of some I've used & discovered on a call, if you wish.

To find individual projects I might also suggest starting with freelancing sites like Upwork (recently rebranded from oDesk), Freelancer, Elance, Toptotal (for developers), Crew, Get A Coder etc. Whilst they tend to be more bespoke, they're getting more prominently used by larger companies now.

There'll be plenty of people from the legal profession that I'm sure will assist you. I have recently set-up an ecommerce website myself and whilst I found my terms & disclaimers from alternative sources...I did recently come across this website (http://thatlegalstuff.com/) which seems to offer continuously updating legal documentation. Looks interesting - but I'm not affiliated in any way. Good luck in your search!

Thanks guys - some great tips in there. I myself operate from the buyer side so I know how to create the requests for proposals (RFPs) myself. It's always interesting to hear what works best for sales professionals on the other side of the fence though and how to make it easier & painless for them to respond. That is something I'm always receptive to & is particularly evident within my projects & documentation.

I may be reaching out to you both in the near future, when pulling together some tips to my clients on how to sell to buyers (like me). Thanks for your insights.

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