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If you're looking to grow your Shopify store, my friend. You're in the right place.

I help Shopify store owners, like you, get more from their store: more sales, more traffic, more email subscribers, and more repeat customers.

These days, I'm the founder/owner of Double Your Ecommerce, where I focus on SEO and growth engines for Shopify merchants.

Book a call with me to grow your traffic, improve your SEO, fix your messaging, and talk marketing, growth, and business strategy.

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Don't even think about monetization yet. You want to focus on first starting to capture this month's traffic - even just 1% - as email subscribers who you can continually message and Market to.

Once you have someone as a subscriber, you can now email them a dozen times over a few weeks promoting your affiliate offer, increasing the chance that they'll convert -- after all, who is more likely to convert? Someone who just read a post or someone who opted in and received a dozen trust building emails promoting a product?

If you have an email list built off of this traffic you could even promote multiple products over time! If you have three compelling offers, you can pitch all three in sequence, with breaks for education and information.

You're right to want to monetize this audience. First and foremost: you want to capture this audience as subscribers to your email list.

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