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I lead seed rounds in B2B SaaS startups as the founder of Valor.VC. Before that, I founded and ran one of the top marketing agencies for software companies. Ask me about sales growth tactics, VC fundraising, and marketing approaches--I'll shoot straight and am willing to make appropriate introductions in my network.

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At my tech PR firm Write2Market, ranked among the top 10 in the United States for Startups, we have produced a lot of explainer and demo videos. Quality matters to the point that you have to look professional. After that, overproduction is a waste of time and money. Most startup video video is overproduced and underscripted. It comes across as "unbelievable." Pay attention to the story (great script) and call to action to influence conversation rate. Production quality (animation) is not in the top 3 key drivers of conversation. Founders story video has the highest early conversion rate because you get the added (low production!) emotional connection impact. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to discuss this more.

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