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I get complicated stuff done. I drive sales growth in highly competitive markets and environments. I am tenacious. I love to build new business lines as well as concepts. I love start ups and connecting and making a difference feeds my soul.

I like doing stuff no one has done before. I'm not afraid to colour outside the lines to get it done. To do all this successfully I speak articulately and with passion and conviction. I like meeting all kinds of people in order to understand what makes them, and their businesses tick.

I want to live in a world where small to medium businesses become larger through successful commercialization so they start changing the status quo!

I joined RIM in 1999 pre-300 employees and rode the beast until 2011 when it had become a behemoth at over 16,000 employees. I joined IBM’s WorldWide team as Managing Editor of IBM MobileFirst Platform leading content digital marketing strategy until I could be a corporate ghost no more! I launched interactive workshops and a consulting practice and love working with others looking to make a dent in the universe.

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I've worked with Pure Matter and was pleased with their performance in expanding our voice and promoting the material and they have a number of affinity relationships that could assist you - let Bryan know I sent you! Good luck.

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