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Serial entrepreneur, currently Chief Growth Officer at Lingoda, #1 trusted online language school. Expert in digital marketing (performance and content), consumer understanding, and brand management. Marketing Executive in Luxury & Premium beauty products, fashion and food industry. Managed 20+ brands (incl. Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Hugo Boss perfumes), in 50+ different countries. Teaching Marketing and Entrepreneurship to Masters and MBA students. ____________________________________ Being successful follows an easy formula: Select a VERY specific group of consumers with an unfulfilled important, and ideally urgent, need. Make sure you can fulfill this group's need differently from the competition and be able to communicate your offer in a clear and effective way. If we work together, I will ensure your consumers will have a unique profile. I will help you sharpen your offer so it will be irresistible to them. And I will advise you so you communicate your message in a way that will maximize your ROI, especially if the marketing team is small.

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It's all about the return on investment or time spent. Maybe meeting face to face buyers is more effective than participating to an industry show or magazine where you could present your product.
Have your tried to measure that?

Fully agree with what was said before - despite what you might think, your idea is most likely not unique, and most likely not the final version of your business model. Moreover: the more you talk about it with people, the more you will be able to finetune your idea and get one step closer to success.

Make sure you have a clearly defined target group (no, "women 20-30 years old, breathing" is not qualifying), who will find your offer irresistible, and that you know how to reach that target with marketing as this will be behind 90% of the reason your company will succeed.
I can help with that :) Happy to jump on a call if you wish.

Nothing, not even video conferencing will replace face to face exchanges. Make sure you connect regularly face to face to keep the relationship tight and to make sure you are in control or at least aware of what is really happening when you are not present.

From somebody who lost 100k by spending before having clients, my advice to you is: invest the least possible moneywise, try to sell, finetune your offering, try to sell, reloop ;)
A successful strategy I found is to start with prices that are slightly below the market average, do an excellent job, gather reviews and only then increase your prices. Deliver results that are higher than the price you are asking, gather reviews, increase your prices, reloop.

When your product or service is offering a solution SO unique that influencers and journalists will want to talk about it at minimum cost.
Part of a successful PR campaign is in the product/service and part is in the storytelling around it - the key for both is to be as single-minded as possible: select 1 benefit, select a VERY specific target group and bring to life your benefit with storytelling.

Crowdfunding is best as a pre-launch strategy for products. For a drive in theater, you could leverage it indeed to create awareness and offer pre-launch tickets at interesting rates.

A bigger question would be in my opinion if investing in a drive in theater is a good idea considering the booming of streaming.... But I'm sure you are offering such an amazing and unique experience that an investment of 400k is justified.

You mix the HOW (the platform you will use to provide your lessons) with the WHAT (your offering).
First work on your WHAT and how it answers the need of your WHO (your target group). This is the most difficult part - I can help you with that.
Once you have a unique proposition, then you will know where your target group goes to find the knowledge you are offering.

They come into play when you can't get enough data to support your decision. Or all the time, if you have an unlimited amount of money.

The more unique your name (low competition), the easier it will be to pop up on the first google page.
Forget about your name, which is such an egocentric approach to google search; focus on owning (i.e. repeating) the terms people will search when they look for a product or service like the one you offer.

Free? Yes, slavery. I mean, you do still need to feed the slaves. And they might get sick, and you still feed them while they are not working. I know, such a bummer.

Jokes aside, nothing comes for free in life and it's insulting to ask somebody to work for free.

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