Jeffery PalumboCo-Founder at OfferAll

Mr. Palumbo is a serial entrepreneur with a highly creative and assertive “lead by example” management style, combined with a heart for helping people through business and charitable initiatives. He has 17 years worth of experience of starting companies in charity management and Internet marketing, and the culmination of this impressive career is OfferAll, a radical new Life linked Offers platform that gives back to causes people care about.

Before founding OfferAll, Palumbo helped to start, fund and build the successful tech company Wantsa Inc. (, a.k.a. United Media Partners), a deal origination and syndication platform for enterprise companies, where he was instrumental in the growth of the company as an executive. Among the many companies Palumbo has helped to establish are I.M.E.C.A. (Incubator for Music, Entertainment and creative arts), which assisted Detroit-area music entrepreneurs;, a business solutions provider; FreePickles, a daily deals site; FavoriteSpots, a mobile check-in platform; and, a resource for emerging daily deal companies.

Palumbo’s entrepreneurial work is not strictly limited to business and marketing solutions. He also has a history of philanthropic leadership, co-founding the Believe for Boey Foundation, a nonprofit to aid families suffering from pediatric cancer, in 2007. In 2009, he founded the nonprofit KIDlanthropy to assist parents, teachers and leaders in raising philanthropic children. In addition he supports tech start-ups at the technology accelerator Lighthouse Labs where he has mentored companies in may fields of business.

Jeff’s innovative work in merchant marketing, his vast knowledge of technology, and passion for charity have led to his success in creating multiple platforms that empower publishers and merchants and engage consumers. This experience is brought in full force to OfferAll.


Business Development, Social Entrepreneur, Loyalty, Charity management, charity fund raising, Charity Tech, Partnerships, Daily Deals, New media, CPG Deals

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I moved to SF from Michigan for my startup a few years back, best decision ever. Lots of events, lots of talent and very accessible vc's. Its all quite natural. Just get into the mix. there is literally events all day everyday somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area. Use some of the free ticket services to find good Events. Join an incubator like plug and play tech center. Network! make sure to do the Palo Alto scene as well as the San Francisco scene, very different.

I have advised numerous real estate tech companies and created them as well. $5k per month is the data cost. The mls does not allow any of these type of companies direct access to their data. The aggregated data from sources is typically old and not highly accurate. The way their data is current comes when a realtor signs up and imports their idx feed to the site. How critically dependent is your concept on mls listings data?

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