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Tell your COO they are causing problems with the older employees by not respecting their space AND not sticking to the agreed upon process for handling the situation. Remind her that if someone were to not follow an agreed upon process under her direction, she'd likely be extremely upset.

Tell her it's her problem to solve and you expect it sorted out immediately.


We've recently raised $500k pre revenue on a startup.

There is not a 'right time' because every investment avenue, fund or 'investor' is very different. You need to understand what type of investors you're pursuing first and then determine what their requirements are. Only then will you know what the right time is.

If it helps, I like to describe it as a black box of confusion, with very little transparency and tons of time wasted going after the wrong people. The more you can understand what's out there, you can better tailor your pitch and timing around your options.

Switching from HubSpot to InfusionSoft is backtracking.

I wrote an article on some of the specific limitations we ran into with InfusionSoft (we ran about 40 million dollars through InfusionSoft over 4 years) that may help provide some guidance in your decision.

Top 10 InfusionSoft Problems

There are some fantastic sites that you should review.

Create your business profiles and clearly define what you're looking for. Share your background and your passion.

Facebook has a feature for local search, it's AMAZING.

You need to ensure your facebook page is configured as a local business. Make sure to enter your address.

Once you have the address plugged in, you can create a local campaign to drive traffic to your website.

With a simple ad, I pay roughly 15 cents per click from my facebook ads that are directly related to my business.

It couldn't be easier.

From all the options out there, start here -- it has the biggest impact and simultaneously the lowest price right now.

Consider creating a kickstarter style interface with the new properties being the 'campaign'. You can almost follow the entire system and apply it to your model.

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