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Get out there and be visible! Put your knowledge out there, share value and position yourself as an expert. Keep building up your email list & keep learning your craft. Market yourself on Periscope, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram wherever your target audience is hanging out!

It is really personal preference and what you feel comfortable with. If you will be using your name you would be the primary face of the company and would have to think of your business down the road. Will you be hiring a team? Will you want to keep your face the primary aspect of your company? I have seen coaches primarily use their name and have seen them reach extreme success by being visible and proactive.

I would create a unique marketing plan for Instagram, Facebook & Twitter since that is where your target market is. You can do paid advertising through them and really target the people in your niche! I would really become engaged in communities in those social media platforms and do fun contests & build awareness. I help create marketing strategies if you are interested in talking!

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