Joe SladeB2B content marketing professional. BBA & MBA

For three decades I have delivered results that have exceeded KPIs while guiding our clients along the most effective paths to both the customers and the rewards they seek. We are a trusted team, confident and competent in all aspects of our B2B marketing offerings; content-to-execution (C2E), concept-to-content (C2C) and fractional chief marketing officer (FCMO) services. As a mentor to client leaders, I continue to be a career-long learner, confident in social media and multi-channel management by learning from the best, putting in the time and deploying best practices.

Research and creation of high-impact positioning and marketing action plans are part of my business DNA. And along the journey I have become an award-winning writer, content producer and creative director. I am chief listener and resource maximizer.

I drive and sustain long-term value through integrated marketing strategies for companies operating in regional, national and global markets. This involves not only complex project management success, but also direction of diverse technical and creative talents and teams.

Our fractional chief marketing officer (FCMO) services can relieve the CEO of the undue pressure that comes with the responsibility for leading and executing the marketing function, often outside of the CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s areas of expertise and comfort zone. Engaging a fractional CMO assures you have consistent strategic counsel at the executive level.

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Well, you have seen the "bootstrap for as long as you can" answers and I'll just affirm that. Get to actual testing and then only ask for dollars when your tests have shown you match what users want.

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