Prasoon RanjanEx-Salesforce, Growing & Scaling SaaS Business

ex-Salesforce Customer Success Director, and ex-Oracle Value Selling Director. Expert at building a viable and scalable cloud business. Leadership roles in 3 countries/continents and advised customers across APAC and EMEA.

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The answer varies based on which country you are thinking of. If your focus is India or China, then the game is completely different to say Singapore.
I can speak for India, having spent last 5 years there in a sales overlay team and then in customer success. As a result I have seen both the selling side as well as the retention side.
Key things that come to my mind:
1) Product maturity - think scalability, availability
2) Pricing - think flexibility
3) Market - think not only competition but also how crowded it is
4) Customer service - think customer retention and ease of switching.
5) Selling - think size and local partner strategy.

A lot depends on what is your product, but this was my attempt to broadly identify some of the key things.

In both my roles in India, I faced challenges across all these areas and am happy to get on a call to discuss these in detail specific to your company and product.

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