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since, it is tech start-up, no personalized perspective will be delivered, and it may not get good output, if u are not directly regulating the process. i am just a call away with your solutions.

First of all, a big congrats. All u need to know at the first sight is the potentiality of start-up he is wishing to start. have a thorough research, and considering part ownership, is good as far as my view is concerned, because risk is directly proportional to reward. For any of your help, i am just a call away, anytime.

The best mentor and guide for a person is himself. you just need to be aware about First Mover Advantage in your external environment.
for more, i am just a call away.

Analyse your need, if u really need such increased fund. will iot have more financial burden on you. make budget, execute some analysis tools and the decide.
for more follow up, i am just a call away


It's a pretty good opportunity. Firstly don't miss it. If u go for 60:40, there may be a chance of clashes between you and your partner and ultimately both will suffer. it is the time to act smartly. agree on 50:50 along with some commission or incentive or remuneration or salary or allowance or perquisite, by whatever name called, for yourself exclusively. business in today"s era has become a bit complex equation and in your case there comes fact of matter of capital.
for more advice on this issue you may follow up mu advice on call.

Thnaks and Regards.

yes. ofcourse. y not. but your product should be having USP(unique selling power) and quality edge. There are various products in the market which have single product line and also have investors.

yup. it does have a bit negative impact. you may give reference on your new URL or just by incurring a nominal cost on advertisement, you may get to same level, but it may take some time

necessarily no. there may be a high chance of window shopping. well, u may turn this traffic into revenue generation by getting advertisements on your webportal

you may go for google adwords and try to find out your potential consumer audience. going for a selective approach in your product line marketting would help you out.

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