Ivelin Demirov - Amazon FBA, Kickstarter & eCommerceAmazon, Shopify & Kickstarter Consultant

I help startups, small sellers and retailers to sell on Amazon FBA and Shopify.


eCommerce expert with 24 years of marketing experience and 19 years selling on Amazon and Shopify.

Learn how to choose the right product and get top ranking doing extensive keyword research, optimizing your Amazon listings, driving external traffic and properly setting your advertising PPC campaigns.

Experienced in new Shopify store launch and Video ads.


I specialize in eCommerce, Startups, Amazon FBA, private label, ODM, custom product manufacturing, sourcing, advertising, Kickstarter crowdfunding, and internet marketing.

As a founder and CEO of the Amazon listing optimization software RiverCleaner (acquired), I am an expert in Amazon back-end listing optimization, keyword research, keyword indexing, and Amazon specific SEO.

As a founder of the Orange Hat Summit and The Orange Hat Mastermind FB Group, I have the privilege to know some of the most successful Amazon FBA sellers in the world.


Are you a startup or have an idea for a product that you would like to evaluate and crowdfund before manufacturing?

After 10 successful Kickstarter projects, I know how to bring your startup ideas to life without any upfront payments or advertising.

I'll show you how I got featured on popular ecommerce websites like gadgetflow and odditymall and was invited in popular TV networks like HSN.

My goal is to help guide you through the ever-evolving world of Amazon and Shopify to claim your freedom.

If you are serious about starting or scaling your Amazon business or launching a new Shopify store or just interested in products design, I would love to hear from you.

āœ… Call me today and hear for yourself why so many people get excited to talk to me.

Recent Answers

1) Differentiate your product from the beginning.

Many new sellers start with RA (retail arbitrage), OA (online arbitrage) or Wholesale before to switch to PL (private label) just to find out 2 years later that they haven't actually built anything for themselves.

They didn't build a brand and don't have their own product.

Even with the PL, it's just another label on someone else's product. Very soon the market becomes overcrowded and they have to look for the next big opportunity.

You spend all that time and effort to find, source and ship the products and it's a waste.

2) Start big.

Imagine how much inventory you have to rotate if trying to scale your PL business from $1000 to $50K.
It will take a while.

Start big by crowdfunding your product modification.

Kickstarter or Indiegogo can get you to the next level in a matter of months while further testing your ideas.

3) Multichannel.

Start selling at Walmart, Sears, retail, eBay and so on instead of sourcing your next product.
It's much faster to scale your business when you already have something working, instead of trying to find your next product.
Once you've exhausted all your channel, then go add more related product to what you already sell.

I hope this helps and good luck with your startup.

I have developed and successfully sold many of my ideas in the last 15 years. There is a process i follow that gives me great results.

When validating an idea, You need as many opinions as possible from people with different backgrounds. It can't be answered by a single expert.

First you need to protect your idea (if possible) and a working prototype (depending on the product).

I agree that surveys are great to quickly evaluate interest.

Next step is to start a Crowdfunding campaign and see if people are actually willing to pay for it.

While collecting funds for developing you also collect ideas for improvement. Double win.

Give me a quick call so i can tell you the exact process i am taking every time i come up with new idea.

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