Scott MannFounder and Creative Director of Highforge.

Founder and Emmy-winning Creative Director of Highforge, a creative collective of 60+ strategic partners and freelancers. He's an international speaker, business coach, Google Ad pro, online business builder and digital marketer. He has a particular knack for growing service-based companies. He's launched thousands of websites and serves on multiple non-profit boards.

For Small and Medium Service-Based Businesses Scott Helps with:
1> Chief Marketing Officer Consulting
2> Marketing Strategy
3> Google Ad Strategy
4> SEO Strategy
5> AI-Assisted Marketing Strategy
6> Getting More Leads for Your Business
7> Market Testing Strategies
8> Doing More with Less

For Other Marketing Agency Owners Scott Helps with:

1> Marketing Agency Owner/Founder Mentorship
2> Increasing Revenue and MRR
3> Overcoming Fears and Burnout
4> Growth and Operations Strategies
6> Difficult Client Management Strategies
7> How to Raise Prices with Old Clients
8> Helping People Pleasers to Start Winning
9> Closing More Deals at Higher Prices
10> Entrepreneurial Mental Health
11> Business/Lifestyle Coaching
12> Digital Nomadism

Recent Answers

Why reinvent the wheel? It already exists in thousands of forms, many of which are open source.

WordPress, for example, was a fork of another abandoned open source platform and it now powers over 26% of the web.

But if you must undertake this odd adventure, make sure it's different with a purpose and solves problems others aren't.

Agreed with Nicky.

A few other considerations worth mentioning. Using a theme will require more effort to customize layouts/looks to your exact specifications, so you have to ask yourself if ease-of-deployment and a perfected look (that isn't tested yet) worth the risk of more difficulty in layout customization. And if you plan on doing design/layout AB tests or make regular changes to look/feel, how easy will it be to do those things?

You might be able to get the best of both worlds using a powerful and/or clean theme and layer on something like Beaver Builder to be able to iterate much faster and streamline your design workflow tremendously.

That being said, if the website will be a set-it-and-forget-it project I'd likely recommend custom from the ground up. Otherwise, for small business, consider working on a minimum viable deployment with a theme you can dig into deeply and layout builders that you can quickly iterate on.

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