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I'm a product person, a programmer, and an engineering leader. I ❤ creating scalable web apps with amazingly great UI/UX. I'm interested in startups and entrepreneurship, and especially B2B SaaS. After nearly 7 years working in Silicon Valley, I'm now back in Florida where remote work is my jam.

I’m currently Director of Engineering & Product at (which I helped start), building a product people love and growing our SaaS business to be something great.

Previously I spent two years leading the Engineering team at Quizlet, building study tools that millions of students relied upon. I’ve also interned at Google and Yahoo! as a software engineer, and did lots of freelance website design while at the University of Florida.

I write in JavaScript, CSS, Python, and PHP. I also can speak to databases and make servers do stuff. I like working on scalability, performance, design, and great user experiences.

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I will agree that "every minute" is completely the wrong way to look at it. You should focus on results and activities (calls made, emails sent, etc.) rather than minimizing minutes in the bathroom.

That said, we did build < > to track all activities *automatically* (phone calls, emails sent and received), which makes it much more likely for you to get an accurate report of all their activity, etc.

Check out - is a streamlined sales platform that helps you close more deals by automatically tracking all your sales communication (calls & emails) without manual data entry.

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