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I will like to add to the above and give some practical insights based on how I established my proof of concept -

Before that, first - how you plan to make money? As in is the business model geared towards acquiring users first and then monetizing or doing a trial to conversion or transaction based selling etc. Depending upon your business, you will know well which one suits at-least the initial hypothesis.

So once you have the hypothesis, the first step, research your target audience -
1. Where they engage online?
2. What they might search in Google?

If you are able to do the above, then just create 2-3 landing page testing one value proposition each - you will be able to set this up in, leadpages, tons of them available. Most of them give 30 day trial for the pro plans.

Run basic ads - and see if you are able to attract some initial leads.

Then try to get some detailed insights from people who have shown interest and ask them what will they pay (the pay is again based on what your model is, if it is users, you don't need to even go to the money talks)

Based on this, get the business plan done and start pitching.

This will show that you have done some ground work and understand some insights.

I have used this for my venture as well as for other clients.

Feel free to contact in case you need to get more details.

Have you explored Based on what you have listed, it can fulfill all the use cases but yes depending on your size, it can be an expensive proposition beyond a certain customer base.

This is what I have used to fulfill the above use cases -
1. Lead capture - through different channels automated using zapier, integromat, - basically spread your use cases across different automation and then add the lead data to a single crm automation system. I prefer and
2. I use to basically use it for existing customer or atleast who have already shown interest
3. I use for cold mail, drip campaigns to them
4. Not using live chat at this point. But if I use this, again would prefer a tool that have a webhook which I can then use to send the data to either or

Hope the above helps.

1. These days, I have seen lot of conversion happening from Facebook groups. Try targeting that. I am sure there would be few highly engaging groups which have your target audience.
It was also worked in for me which is B2B.

2. Though I understand that you are selling through online but I am sure, there must be few fairs happening in your area where you may find plenty of target audience. Explore that as well.

I myself run a startup and recently started tying up with big co-working companies and online educational providers in India.

So yes, I don't think you should feel anyway less or intimidated by the brands you try to reach out. Based on the patterns I had observed in my conversions -
a. Email to right person is the best way or second best use of LinkedIn inmail
b. Use of introductions

And the most important - you should be able to really articulate well on how they benefit with your partnership.

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