I am desperately looking for a mentor to help guide me through the development process. I have a sound concept but, I'm uncertain what to do from here. Basically, I want to develop a moisture wicking, wrinkle free bedding for the critical care patients. This high acuity population is at high risk for skin breakdown. I've been researching this idea for 4 years and am ready to take this concept to the next phase. Is anyone willing to graciously advise me? Please!? Thank you!! Rebecca L. Violette, RN Portland, Maine

Hi Rebecca!
I would say first hand that you are entering a gracious market for a good product. I recently helped a startup who helps validate Xray practices for accuracy - acceptance was overwhelming. With that said, assuming all your research has been proper, have you developed a marketing plan and business plan for it? I recommend sharing it with professionals for feedback on possible moisturizer or if maybe instead of manufacturing the bedding w/moisturizer you simply develop the moisturizer itself to be applied on the sheets? You can try pitching the idea at events like StartUp weekend or incubators in your area so you can quickly get more feedback from strangers and possibly get a team to help you take on the next phase of your business idea. Feel free to contact any of us here, I think we can all provide you with excellent feedback :)

Answered 7 years ago

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