I am working with a b2b startup, which is a marketplace that connects clients and freelancers. They have a strong value proposition, and I want to help them generate leads through PPC. We ran one campaign and generated 60+ leads via ebook downloads (in 48 hours). The problem is that we don't have the bandwidth to followup with all of these leads, and they all slipped through the cracks. What ends up happening are zero conversions. Two questions: (1) how can we deal with this pipeline/follow-up issue and (2) are we at a stage where we need a CRM immediately? Or should we continue to deploy marketing campaigns?

I've been in the CRM space for 28+ years and have dealt with so many SFA/CRM/databases/lead management systems that I forget some of them. I can tell you that ANY CRM will do the job. Well not really, just the one that has the base information you need with the power to expand and make deals close. A product you may want to look at is Nimble . It's low cost ($15/mo/user) and has power to give you intelligence about those leads before you decide how to follow up.

In todays market you must develop relationships not just market, market,market.... People do business with those they "Know, Like and Trust". We've found that Nimble helps with all of those.

Full disclosure: Our group represents Nimble as a reseller but we deal with quite a number of CRM systems as mentioned. The correct CRM is one that works with your people, process and product.

Here's a demo link for more information. No commitment necessary.

Answered 7 years ago

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