How do I do the right Market Research for a Product or App?

We have an idea to do a Social "Stress" app, where people can sign up as strangers and meet someone in their same "stressed" mode, like I was fired by my boss today and I find someone who did as well, and we are both Chatting about it. It'll also bring up some comedy for both of us and will be a "social stress reliever". Now obviously the idea is very 'wild', how do I "Test the waters" to see if this could be of an interest to users?


The best way to do validation on this idea would be to acquire customers through Facebook ads (rich targeting makes you able to cohort users nicely). Then, you could manually pair people via email or through a simple text messaging exchange facilitated by Twilio. In this scenario, you could prompt them to take the actions you think will be at the core of your app's functionality. Observing their engagement rate and what they do with each other would give you some insight into how viable this is.

Happy to talk this through in a call with you. I've helped a lot of clarity members through similar customer development exercises.

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Testing your idea thanks to Facebook Ads might be great but I believe there is a better way. In my opinion idea extraction can be done completely for free and you can even get much better results from your research. Here it is what you need to do:

1. You to need to find a way to reach to your niche: through social media (think Facebook, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, etc.) and forums.
2. You connect with individuals directly and ask them about their biggest challenges and issues related to the problem you're solving. You try to find the pain point and then you present the possible solution. You ask about their honest opinion and you will be amazed by what kind of ideas they can give to you.

I can reveal to the whole method to idea validation/extraction that you can use to see if this is the right thing to develop and how you might shift it. Feel free to schedule a call with me if you're interested to learn more.

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Here's what I always advise the start-ups that I mentor. Define your system on paper and run it manually in the real world with people that experience the problem you're hoping to solve.

To clarify what that would mean in your case, or how I would run it, would be the following way.
Either in my own offline or online social network (really doesn't matter which network you tap into) I would ask if anyone was fired today, or has recently had a major social stress situation. I'd then ask them to inbox me to say I have a "solution" for them. I would then wait for 2 people to contact me and then pair them up and run the "situation" in the way I had intended.

If you find that this whole thing falls flat on its face, you then have a good idea of how hard it will be to get people to "buy in" to your idea. If you find people approach you, then you know there is some merit.

Ultimately, it all comes down to doing all the "thinking" upfront and then applying it in the real world in a manual fashion. That's your validation.

Feel free to call me if you want me to talk you through it in an exact step by step fashion.

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Market research is developing an extensive understanding of the customer. The insights help in developing innovative marketing strategies. As an app development company or app-entrepreneur, you may want to know the best ways to conduct market research. You might want to start by determining how you will position your brand in the market. To market your app, start with defining your target audience. The research findings will help you attain that edge by building innovative features into your app, integrating usability aspects, and remaining relevant and original. You can strengthen your app’s core when you conduct a SWOT analysis. A business plan is a roadmap and includes aspects like sales, revenue, market, and profit. You will get more confident and get a better understanding of the market as you explore the various facets of market research. Next, let us look at some effective marketing strategies that are important for mobile app success. App stores are one of the first touchpoints for potential customers to discover your app. You could find influencers on LinkedIn, Buzzsumo, and Crunchbase. Collaborating with influencers can be mutually beneficial and help to promote your mobile app. Offering potential customers a benefit when they endorse your app online is a definite way to gain word-of-mouth for your mobile app. You might track them through metrics, including churn rate, session length, time in-app, daily active users, and cost per acquisition. These key metrics will bring in exciting insights on what worked well and what did not. A blend of the old-and-new will get you some hard-hitting market strategies for your mobile app.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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