What are some features or areas of improvement that CRM systems and other sales tools could do to help sales reps close deals, find better leads etc? What are features sales reps would love to have in a sales tool / app to help them do their job and close deals faster?

Good answers so far. I'm going to take apart the question though...CRM systems aren't to find leads or better leads. Remember it's a CUSTOMER relationship management program. There's great tools to help you find leads and make them customers.. I say this because it leads to the real role of CRMs in the role we leverage it, to be the "assistant buyer' to our customers. What I want to see in a CRM is what's important to them, not to me. In fact, if, like Linked In does, I could see on a customer's record, people in industries like him and what they're posting/tweeting etc, news stories important to those with his title as well of course as his history with my company, that's an ideal CRM. I'd like him to welcome every call and email I have because I've identified something important to him, sometimes before he does himself.

Answered 6 years ago

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