Heard cold calling leaders in your industry for interview is common practice. If so, can anyone shed light on how to make the most of the interview?


Have an interview plan. What is the purpose of the interview? Don't be wishy-washy. Your two questions today could have used a lot more detail.

I do many of these (and am an expert guest) on my blog at Here's an example of several:

Write out your questions beforehand. Of course one or two new questions will occur to you while conducting the interview; ask them, too. But have your base set up.

Think about your request from their perspective: WHY would they want to participate? Yes, people want to be cooperative and helpful. But No, they do not want to create content for you (for example, I am asked to be interviewed all the time by people who are compiling such expert interviews to then SELL them...why on earth should I give them content so they can make money with it?!).

So be clear about your purpose.

You really must be looking for expertise, not digging for a job. Fake purpose will be seen through immediately and it will hurt your reputation.

Collecting a series of these interviews online around a specific topic is a great differentiating factor for job hunting, however. This is positioning.

Answered 10 years ago

Want to make the most of the interview? Research the company. Find a problem they are having and come to the interview with a solution. Businesses and especially leaders are not looking for another person for the pile they are looking for innovators and solutions. Present them with both and your first interview will be a great one.

Answered 10 years ago


I am a big promoter of cold calling leaders in specific industries. Rather than asking leaders for an interview, I recommend calling them to foster a relationship rather than solely for the transactional purpose of getting something from them. By fostering a relationship with the individual, you are more keen to get greater insight from the conversation. This can also lead to additional conversations with other leaders in the space. I would love to speak with you about effective ways to do this!

Answered 10 years ago

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