The resume's purpose is to Get You The Interview.

Not get you the job. It can't do that. So anything that helps you Stand Out and get that callback for the interview is fair game.

I don't even recommend using a resume anymore. Develop online content and get it in front of employers who have the power to hire you (CEOs, not HR).

I absolutely would put your backpacking experience as a line item high up on your resume. I did about 60 information interviews with hiring professionals and found that they scan--not read, note--the top third of Page 1 of resumes. If you don't sell to them in that small space why they need to talk to you, your resume goes in the trash.

So get your punchy stuff in up front.

I'm an expert in unorthodox jobhunting and getting companies to create jobs with zero competition, custom-made for you...frequent radio interview guest on the topic, and have had four companies do this for me during my career. Resumes and cover letters are totally outdated, but you're free to keep using them if you like.

Answered 6 years ago

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