Looking for a co-founder and exhausted my network, what would you recommend I do?

Hi All, I am a bit worried. I have a viable startup with some small traction & growth. I built the startup by myself. The problem is I have no co-founder & I just graduated college & I don't have any "serious," network connections. Iv'e exhausted my network. What would you recommend I do? I don't want this startup to fall through the cracks because I am the only founder. Also-It's late to apply for a majority of incubators. What would you recommend I do? I'm committed to the start up but I don't have any real connections


At this point, move on from dealing with this. Focus on the business. Grow it. Traction solves most problems.

Answered 10 years ago

I would recommend you check out See if you can attend one or more of their Matchup Events if possible. If you have something to offer and you can get other people interested in your idea, you might consider that validation of what you believe to be a great opportunity.

However, if you attend some matchup events and you can't seem to get anyone interested, perhaps this is validation that the opportunity isn't as exciting as you might believe it to be.

Beyond this, I would recommend getting involved in a local startup community and engaging in more networking. You may need to expand your network in order to find the partnerships and relationships you need in order to become successful.

Answered 10 years ago

I would recommend you continue to build on the growth. If you need another name on the project I would be happy to review what you have and put a name on the project if it would help.

Answered 10 years ago

A few important points:
1. The main question is WHY haven't you found a co-founder? Is it because the idea isn't 'good' enough (at least in their eyes), that you're not presenting it well enough or maybe that you're not pitching the idea to the right people? It is important that you first discover what the reason is, because that way it will be easier to find the right solution. If it's a pitching problem, I can help you improve your pitch. If it's the wrong people, you can network in other areas/groups. If it's the idea, I can help refine it.
2. It is important to understand the above because if you can't recruit a co-founder, you may have similar difficulties raising capital from investors - the reasoning being that pitching to a co-founder is very similar (even easier) that pitching to investors. A co-founder invests time and efforts. An investor invests money - but both are taking a risk and therefore have to fall in love with the idea or the potential for profits.
3. Meeting co-founders: chat on forums, go to network events (check, and consider using a service provider for your initial co-founder needs.
I've successfully helped over 300 entrepreneurs. I'd be happy to help you. Good luck

Answered 5 years ago

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