I create custom posters and feel that surprising them with a poster of one of their pieces would lead them to say oh that is cool and lead into a conversation that may result in a client or client that too much on the first date or should I be happy with a bit of feedback and to have gotten time in their mind regarding the product? In the past if I ask to take a picture everyone says no and if I just do it and bring in a print they are happy and don't mind.

We've done something similar, but by delivering pizzas. You can get them talking about you before you come in if you have it delivered, wrapped in gift paper, with a mysterious, clever, anonymous note complementing their pipes. Then drop in and ask if they liked the poster. It will probably go something like, "What poster... oh, the wrapped one? We loved it! Was that from you? Hey Bob, here's the mystery poster guy." Tell them you love their pipes, and that the one on the poster was one of your favorites. Then figure out if they are able to produce pipes faster than they can sell them (if they want to generate more demand). If so, ask what they've been doing so far that's worked, and why. Then you are starting to get at the pain point that you may be able to address, and as you continue asking more of the right kinds of questions, they will eventually want to know more about you, how you can help them, what it costs, if similar clients work with you, etc. I'd need to learn more about you and your goals and customize a detailed flow chart we build for clients at It's a sales flow chart for these types of conversations, leading from establishing rapport to getting to closing a sale on the (typically) second meeting. If you'd like the extra help, schedule a call with me at

Answered 7 years ago

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