Where can one become a certified business and/or life coach?

I am looking for doing it online as I currently live in Romania.


Brendon Burchard, founder of High Performance Academy, has a Certified High Performance Coaching Certification that is the absolute best coaching certification out there.

He basically hands you a world-class 12-Session coaching business in a box, and trains you on all the teachings, and the psychology/thought process behind the coaching practice.

If you're new to coaching this will get you up to speed fast.

If you're a veteran or have some experience w/o certification. You can interweave your own style/practice into the program too.

Not to mention, the community of certified HP coaches is great, people are open with what's working for them and sharing their successes and helping others that are struggling.

This certification can be applied to business coaching & life coaching.

You have to attend High Performance Academy or Purchase the online version of the course as a pre-requisite. Which you should probably do anyways before you invest in the certification to ensure you're aligned with and passionate about the High Performance theories and methodologies.

You can get some free training here to get a taste:

When the registration opens up again for High Performance Academy, you'll get an email. Or you can reach out to me and I can connect you directly with Brendon's Staff to register.

John Maxwell also has a coaching program that if I were looking at coaching programs, I would look into that one as well.

I don't know anything about it, but I know John Maxwell's books are rock-solid and his coaching program probably is too.

Hope this helps!

Good luck to you!

Answered 6 years ago

There are several things to consider when you're contemplating becoming a life and/or business coach. What type of certification are you looking to achieve? The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the internationally recognized accreditation body for certifying coaches with several different levels of life coaching. The coaching industry is still relatively unregulated so be careful which websites/programs you choose to use. I'd suggest doing some research for a program that will fulfill the ICF accreditation requirements and then when you've gotten your courses done, you can apply and take the ICF exam for your coaching certification.

This is a personal decision and it will be up to you to decide, what fits your needs. You may want to also think about what areas do you want to coach in? What is your coaching space? Do you know about creating businesses, are you an expert in something? There are so many areas of coaching and honing in on what makes you unique in the coaching space can go a long way in helping you decide which coaching program fits your requirements.

Answered 5 years ago

I find the credentialing to be a bit "fuzzy math" where people who have done well financially have acquired "certifications" by various education centers or training. I work in addiction medicine and consult for mental health and addiction referral as well as facility training. I also do spiritual advisory and found myself in that position when a few high profile folks sought my help. Singer Tori Amos is one. She has publicly thanked me in liner notes.

That said.. My experience as a NCAA Division I collegiate athlete at a school that competed for the national championship and have experiencing playing sports at an international level, paramedic and the very elite fight paramedic gig, my own experience in addiction and the interesting spiritual work I do for several high profile artist.... I thought about certifying myself. But the vast majority seem shiney and pretty and can't carry the same weights my medic license and recommendations from folks like Tori, I decided to forego it.

My work speaks for itself.

Answered 5 years ago

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