For those of you very successful in business, would you say you are at peace—does each success feel fleeting, as your inner world continues to swirl?

I am here to cater to the mental and emotional well-being of those who dedicate their lives to creating big things. It seems that all too often, this area is most neglected. This directly affects productivity, relationships, and all other areas of life. I want to know how valuable a service that will bring one back to a state of inner peace, clarity, and total presence, is to this business world...?


You say "I want to know how valuable a service that will bring one back to a state of inner peace, clarity and total presence, is to this business world"

I coach entrepreneurs and business owners to create masterpieces in their field. One of the ways I help them is by guiding them through feeling inner peace, clarity and total presence.

>> When you know the answer to this question, what difference does it make for you?

>> Is what you REALLY want to know whether business people will pay you to help them feel more inner peace, clarity and total presence?

>> Who do you REALLY want to work with?

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Answered 9 years ago

It's a very valuable service you're offering. I've advised a lot (a lot) of CEOs, business owners and senior executives and they often neglect their life balance in the name of the growth of the company. Obviously this comes at their personal expense and the expense of their families and friends, as you allude to. Life Coaching for executives is a burgeoning field in the U.S. as execs seek to strike a meaningful work-life (note the order of the nouns in that idiom, btw) balance. If you're going to get into life coaching for execs I would keep in mind a very one step at a time philosophy. The key to "peace" with CEOs is "pace". "Inner peace, clarity..." is the Dharma (the purpose of life: empowering others) and helping a CEO find that is a great gift that you could offer him or her but were this enlightenment to come all at once it could be a great diversion from their balance sheet; which is what pays their employees, puts their kids through college, etc. Your hard work will be getting them to play for "and" (have a company and a life that works) as opposed to "or" (have a company or a life that works) and to do it at a pace which doesn't disrupt the company's financial bottom line while it creates another one: happiness.

PS- I'm not t life coach but rather a business coach - but I've worked with many. You're onto something here.

Good luck!


Answered 9 years ago

In this world with tremendous competition, entrepreneurs and business owners do have to work very hard. Often, such individuals have no time for anything besides running and growing their business.

However, once successful, yes, the wealthy usually do find themselves at peace. There is always some stress but financially successful individuals always have more options. They can always hire more employees, sell their business, retire early, etc.

To be honest, I don't much value in a service that would "bring one back to a state of inner peace." Life is often very relaxing for these successful individuals. The ones who suffer from severe amounts of stress are the new entrepreneurs. Perhaps a general stress-management service would have more value.

Answered 9 years ago

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