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Hello! Let me tell you something... we do a lot of chess broadcasting and hold webinars regularly.

There are various ways to increase attendance and attendance rates but I would need to better understand your situation before I can provide the best recommendation. Feel free to contact me and provide details.

Courses are useful but he should practice applying what he learns. Develop some things for fun! It's a great way to get some experience.

The short answer is that you need a business attorney to help you here. Yes, they are expensive. But in the long run, hiring an attorney will save you time and money while avoiding unnecessary problems.

It's not easy. But first, ask yourself why you need a partner. In most cases you don't "need" one. If you need help with your start-up, find a mentor. You can often just pay the mentor per hour or give them some share in your business if you are short on funds. This approach is usually better than finding a partner. Partnerships are typically formed among friends, colleagues, etc. To me, it seems like you just need some general help/guidance and not a partner.

Feel free to contact me and provide some information about your start-up. Depending on what you are doing, I may be able to help you.

Simply search "technical and marketing services for businesses" on the web and you will find plenty of companies online that offer services you are looking for.

As others have said, you don't. With no money, no connections, no experience, no reputation, and no credibility, you cannot start your own consulting firm and expect positive results.

You should instead go work as an accountant and get some experience, contacts, etc. Also, learn more about business, entrepreneurship, and law during your spare time.

Patience is important. I suggest you wait a few years and first become prepared to start your own firm and then start your own firm.

In this world with tremendous competition, entrepreneurs and business owners do have to work very hard. Often, such individuals have no time for anything besides running and growing their business.

However, once successful, yes, the wealthy usually do find themselves at peace. There is always some stress but financially successful individuals always have more options. They can always hire more employees, sell their business, retire early, etc.

To be honest, I don't much value in a service that would "bring one back to a state of inner peace." Life is often very relaxing for these successful individuals. The ones who suffer from severe amounts of stress are the new entrepreneurs. Perhaps a general stress-management service would have more value.

You must be careful. Does the business have obligations you are unaware of? Is there an ongoing lawsuit? Does the business have debt you are unaware of?

I would recommend consulting a business attorney.

The number one thing to consider is the founder him/herself. Is this person smart, hardworking, and ambitious? If the answer to any of those questions is no, don't invest into his/her venture. If the answer is yes, then learn more about the business idea, the vision, the potential for growth and profitability, etc.

Startups will always make mistakes. That's okay. But if the founders believe in what they are doing and have the work ethic, intellect, and a forcing driving them forward, chances are that they will succeed.

A face-to-face meeting with the founders is very useful.

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