What are some of the best ways to train call center agents that work from home?

id love to know if you do an induction process. How long should it be? You make them compete? You test them before?


I have a membership site with video training that companies use to train their salesforces.

Having set up many paid and commission-based sales teams over the years, here are the main issues:

> the less effort you put in at the beginning, the more turnover you're going to experience

> if you don't have consistent training, the process, impression and market presence of your salespeople will be all over the place and give you a poor reputation

> without a recorded (written, video) training program in place, your time as a manager and executive will be tied up by stupid questions repeatedly asked by different employees. May sound like a small thing, but this time adds up quickly. "When do we take breaks?" over and over again turns into a real annoyance and time waster.

Leave your hiring, training and assessment sloppy results in sloppy market presence and execution.

Answered 6 years ago

First of all I would not look for inexperienced call center workers. You need to get the top agents to switch to your company because of your incentives. Let the other companies train them. The cost of getting a green person up to speed is 10 times the cost of hiring the best that are at other companies now. How long a training would depend on the product but I would like agents that could up-sell my customers also. You want people with proven tract records. The test will be the pay check they have been getting from your direct competitor or similar field. Hope this helped...Ken Queen

Answered 6 years ago

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