My service delivers sales leads to my clients. Is there any simple calculation for creating an estimated ROI if you don't know each of your client's internal costs per sale?

So are you trying to calculate their possible ROI?

Roi is simply profit divided by expenses such initial investment and both fixed and variable expenses.

To calculate a buyer of lead's ROI i would aim to average out the cost of leads package versus their average product sold to these leads. And simply follow that formula. You can use this roi % for marketing purposes but without other data you shouldnt use it as a tool for their measurement.

With that said you can also assume the average out the a firm's hourly caller salary, assume the average time to close/how many leads per hour and how many sales per hour from those leads. The cost per caller plus leads used that hour can give you a good Hourly or daily RoI for leads sold to a client.

Answered 6 years ago

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