I have a text 2 stop it anti bullying program that I need help expanding to other schools,i just want to know if anyone have ideas that would help us? is a anonymous 2 way communication platform that allows the teachers and principle to communicate teens. also this good for fundraising and after school practices any other great activities.


Hello - Currently, as part of the consulting team, I guide entrepreneurs through the financial modeling and investor presentation process to help turn their great ideas into successful businesses. Your anti-bullying program caught my attention personally and lead me to your website. Your communication platform is an action-oriented solution. You have proof of concept and are currently in school systems. Every school district in America should want to adopt your program.

With the school district though, the first thing that comes to mind is funding. Can you determine how much this program cost on a per student basis for a particular school district? The marketing strategy could be 'how can you not afford to do this?" I took a moment to searched "bullying and school boards" on the internet. Many school boards came up in the search that are addressing this issue. I would approach those first. You have a website that quickly explains the solution. Now prepare something to explain what it will cost. The decision-makers have the two pieces they need. I hope to soon see your program in every school in country! Feel free to call if I may help in any way. Wishing you the very best. Jacquelyn

Answered 5 years ago

In my opinion the best way for something like that is to cold call some schools. Print out a survey card and pass them out at the schools. that way you will know how may students at the schools would use this app. Please fill free to call if you have any Questions? .

Answered 5 years ago

As rightly pointed out by others, every school should have this. But you need to have proper understanding of the current scenario. I am sure this can be done by reaching out to the right people via phone/emails.
I came across an interesting database which I am sure will help you and make your task easier.
Feel free to reach out for more details. Good luck.

Answered 5 years ago

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