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Sharique, currently based out of NJ, USA is the founder of Market Quotient, a research, analytics and process management company. Being an industry veteran, his diverse experience includes in several MNCs where he has served in senior level positions, taking care of project initiation, planning, execution, control, monitoring, communication and steering the team.
Sharique has an MS (Econometrics and Finance) from Calcutta University and is also SAS certified. He also boasts of a Six Sigma certification from the department of SQC & OR Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.

Core areas of expertise:
• Lead industry, market and competitor analysis to identify business segment opportunities
• Advise on market entry strategies, including products, sales, service and channel strategy
• Advise on commercial strategies and construct of win-win agreement/deals
• Strategic planning, analysis and execution including quantifying and driving strategic growth and efficiency initiatives
• Identification, prioritisation and execution on a range of external opportunities such as new partnerships, financing, etc
• Drive collaboration and alignment with key internal and external stakeholders across all levels of the business so as to contribute to the growth of the business
• Strong ability to manage multiple projects across multiple disciplines at one go and is competent in managing projects of scale with multiple deliverables
• Monitor trends and metrics to anticipate market & performance scenarios identifying future opportunities and threats
• Identify strategic business development plan for target markets, including the creation of detailed account plans to track progress and achievement to goals
• Experience with strategic planning, pricing, contract negotiations, analytics and consulting service delivery
• Expert in account management and marketing strategies and programs and this includes, understanding analytics and data, design and implement roadmaps and programs with the most impactful results

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Richard, as conveyed before, build a lead list based on target audience and do email marketing, cold calling, plus quality content marketing and leverage LinkedIn, there will be no stopping for you.

Take professional help as there are many firms across sub-continent with capable researchers available at a cheap rate. If you need one, I can refer you to few good ones. Good luck.

Social media is the best bet for finding the company name but getting hold of spend is a little tricky.
I can help if you wish to go for a call.

Hire a specialist who can create custom list based on your specification.
Make sure the list you procure follows the following for best results:

1) You own the rights.

2) vendor can't sell the contacts to anyone else

3) They are all legitimately obtained and comply with CAN-SPAM and GPDR regulations

4) They're relevant to your product/service

Low cost list is a reflection of illegitimate contacts being sold and resold and obtained through illegal practices.

So take help of someone like me :)

@Jonny, you understood my question in a different direction or may be, my explanation was not clear.

Anyways, a brief on our product.

If you understand the email space, then you should be aware of the biggest industry challenge-accept_all mail servers. So, essentially, our platform is developed based on latest big data and advanced machine learning algorithms and performs the following functions:

1. Identifies if a mail server is accept_all or not. As you know, the number of accept_all servers is increasing with every passing day and for successful campaign result, this is an important consideration. So, once the system identifies a server as accept_all, it tries to find most prevalent business email patterns for a given domain and creates email ids, thereby increasing the chances of reaching the recipient inbox by at least 50%.

2. The system can verify any old / current email list internally created or bought from any third party vendor, ensuring lower bounce rate.

3. It can help you to find business emails of your contacts if provided with company or domain name.

4. It can also find executives for any given domain / company with business emails.

5. For any given industry / location / titles, the system can give you desired contacts with work emails.

6. Lastly, for any given email id, the system can provide you with a web source, if found to ensure confidence before running your campaign.

Thoughts ???

Hire a smart virtual assistant (VA) capable of performing various activities. This will ensure focusing on your core activities and relatively cheaper cost.

Don't hire freelance VA, always look for companies who provide these services. You will be better of with almost no downtime plus having access to their tool and automation platform.

I collaborated with one, who gave special services like:

1. Flexible hours of work based on need
2. Work as per your desired time zones.
3. No additional Project Management charge.
4. No upfront investment.
5. 100% security i.e. own the copyrights of the work done.
6. Track performance by daily reporting schedule.
7. Rate as low as $8/hour.

Let me know if you need any help.

Lead generation or in more specific form, prospect building is done by almost all companies in some form or the other. The traditional approach of lead generation is rapidly going through a transitioning stage. The need of the hour is to be smart and gain competitive advantage by utilizing “Time Sensitive Sales Trigger”.

So, what do we mean by Time Sensitive Sales Trigger?

These are basically events that can lead to quick conversion in your sales and marketing efforts. Few examples can be:

Competitive Changes: This can be in the form of business model changes, closing/expanding facilities, contract win, FDA approval, joint ventures & partnership, new market opportunities, product launch, real estate transactions, technology advancements, weak operational performance, etc.

Financial Changes: Sales drop, bankruptcy, credit downgrade, distressed loan, EBITDA drop, IPO, loan default, restatement of earnings, etc can be few examples within this.

Ownership Changes: Here, we can think of divestitures, legal issues, M&A, strategic alternative and others as some possible events.

Personnel Changes: This can be crucial specially when we think about fortune companies- typical example could be headcount changes, top level management (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, etc.) removal, resignation and appointment.

Recognition Changes: Awards, press releases, conferences, events, trade shows, reviews, feedback and perhaps improved web ranking also give insights on company’s current standings.

The above scenarios help companies to target the right prospect with the right solution at the right time.

Also, with social media at its peak, companies have started leveraging social media big time and it’s showing positive impact. Now, apart from dependency on above news and events, companies have also shown great amount of interest in reviews, comments, social post to create real time/concurrent leads for their sales funnel.

This is based on my recent consulting experience.


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