I have a website where I give away the driving route (hard to get around area and local knowledge helps), should I focus on getting sales through the website or simply using it to generate leads. Thank you for your time

Hi! I'm no expert on this but I'll give you my advice on my general insights...

Because you are a small company, assuming just yourself and whether or not your competing with any other team, your website's route display is a huge plus from your potential clients perspective. It gives them an idea of what the tour will consist of. Also, I'm assuming you get a decent amount of calls and thus you want to grow this. Congrats! Pursue it.

With that said, there is no reason why you can't do both with the site. A website is not just about information, is about engaging those who visit and invite them for more. The more can be leaving their email for a promo code or next availability. Placing a call to find out more about yourself, the tour guide. A lot of time I find myself wanting tours because the person tick the tours seem like fun - so embrace that!

I'll assume you're a friendly guy and can crack some jokes and would be surprised if not here, so embrace that and make that your sellin factor, you're the brand of the tour. Maybe even your car if is a random older car, or something... But look into that.
Have your about us page with a prominent phone # to call right before and after the about us content. The about us(you) content should be funny and to the point. So that maybe people want to book YOU not the ROUTE.

Have a reservation option with half upfront. I've them options to maybe leave the emails of those they are visiting ( if they are visiting ) so that they get to reserve with maybe only 25% - the point here is to open the doors for you to give tours to residents too if you don't already. Nothing wrong with referrals from client to potential provider.

At every instance of your website, allow for them to ah e a way to either share what they are looking at, or share that they booked, or that they have found you, or your about me content... As well as a way for the to leave an email. Every page should have that (non-obstrusively) not just the contact page.

Emails/contact forms give you ways to get leads and you call, if you're the selling point (brand) you should be able to close a deal when you call because your call should be as if you're doing the tour. Be a personality.

Show maybe only have of the route! Redesign the way you have your route listed or mapped, revise the wording and make it more appealing! - this also helps your tours as you do them with more concise descriptions and histories,etc. - so is a win win. But do revise the wording in a way that is sounds super amazing and entertaining and only show half. For the rest of the tour... They'll just have to see themselves...

Good luck! There are ways in which you can entice someone to call or email if you make them like they'll be entertained and they'll miss out if they don't! Be fun and have fun with it. That's what most people would want I believe. Even in a history tour... :)

Humberto Valle

Answered 7 years ago

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