I've tried doing press releases in the past but my press releases never really get picked up by any media outlets. For people who have experience with press releases; what type fo strategy/method do you use to get your press releases more exposure?

Your press release should mention "Interactive press release" when emailed to the press. There should be a live link enabling journalist to download photos, videos and links to your content. You should have a boilerplate (i.e a mini-resume) about your company at the bottom of the page. The most important part is your banner title. Make sure it's catchy and try to announce something worth printing that will truly engage the audience of the media you are soliciting. Ask yourself: Is this relevant to the audience they are reaching? Try calling first to request the permission to email and confirm the email address. Getting that permission is key, it will increase your chances of getting coverage.

Answered 5 years ago

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