What are the best platforms to hire agencies for mobile development?

Looking for information regarding the different revenue model proposed by those market places and also to know more about how the matching is made.


My go-to is Good experiences all around.

Answered 8 years ago

Hi! This sounds like a similar question I just answered! Lol. Check out my responses and look for the latest ones, and read on that a bit.
The websites regarding this are Thumbtack and Believe it or not, Clarity. I personally use this platform for marketing purposes, to get my name out there a bit more for my own firm, we do online marketing, web and app development and have actually acquired many leads on projects through here.

There are however many websites that offer a social CMS platform where freelancers can offer their skills like too or too i think offers this.

The revenue model seems to always be consistent to the finders fee- they process the payment, provide you with a profile website and marketing tools and take their share off each gig. Uber and Homejoy do the same thing... Their value offerings are different but the model doesn't get reinvented.

Answered 8 years ago, however outsourcing development is much harder than just hiring a firm with a nice website. It requires very specific planning from your side.

Answered 8 years ago

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