A solution might be to hire experienced and senior salespeople who are having a tough time finding a job. Needless to say, these people should be skilled and masters at what they do. I would like to leverage their sales experience. At the same time, I cannot afford to hire somebody since I cannot afford the base salary. Where and how can I find such experienced people willing to work for me?

Create a hefty payment structure based on commission based sales. This gives expert sales force the cnfidence that their hard work could actually be worth they payoff rather than working for a less than desirable work to pay ratio.

Having contractors sales people is always the first step in further validating your proposition as a whole, and it saves you capital. It does mean however that you if you want good efficient sales people you need to provide them with great compensation upon delivery of closed sales.

I structure my force on 2 basis:
1. If you are new or feel for a rough week you have the option to go for a minimum base pay (40% less than closing at least 2 sales a week on commission) this helps them still get some pay even if they don't perform but is not optimal option for many so they avoid this.
2. Commission based only, closed sales gives 30% off project while leads I close only gives them 15%. Win win for part time lead generators as well as for full time sales.

Just some ideas.

Answered 5 years ago

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