How would you re-develop Clarity's website?

Say a comet comes down from the sky and destroys the cloud and you need to completely rebuild from scratch, including all existing features. How would you go about doing it? What frameworks and programming languages would you use? How much would a project like that cost? What features would be the most costly/time consuming to build?


I would hurl myself toward getting the following working first:
* User signup (default to user)
* Profile setup (photo, etc).
* Add Stripe information
* Make it easy to share the link to my profile
* Enable Expert-mode, to answer phone calls
* Enable Twilio for calls
* Set Hourly-rate for calls
* Build/program API to handle conference calls etc
* Connect to LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter for 'verification'

I wouldn't spend time with any Javascript frameworks etc at first. Just make it usable and not a pain for people to get in and make a phone call, or edit their profile.

Other than that, Clarity is very well built as it is. I'm sure you're trying to build this for a specific business.

Answered 9 years ago

lol if you are looking just to clone clarity -

its a good concept but remember that the real successful business's innovate not imitate

Answered 9 years ago

Developing from scratch could be really expensive. I recommend building something with WordPress and validate as fast as possible.

You can take a WordPress directory theme or plugin and get it customized to fit your needs.

Start by watching this video

Answered 3 years ago

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