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With a decade-long journey as a full-time YouTube content creator, I have cultivated a profound understanding of the digital video landscape. My career is marked by a hands-on collaboration with YouTube officials to enhance the platform's efficacy and user experience. Currently, I oversee a thriving YouTube channel boasting over 1.3 million subscribers, a testament to my expertise in audience engagement and content innovation.

Areas of Expertise
Content Strategy & Optimization: Leveraging analytics to craft engaging content that resonates with target audiences, increasing visibility and subscriber engagement.

Video Production & Editing: Skilled in producing high-quality videos from concept to completion, ensuring content is both engaging and optimized for the platform.

|SEO & Analytics: Expert in utilizing SEO best practices for titles, descriptions, and tags to enhance video discoverability. Proficient in analyzing performance data to drive content strategy.

Monetization & Business Development: Demonstrated success in transforming YouTube channels into lucrative businesses by effectively converting traffic into sales and forging strategic partnerships.

How I Can Help
Whether you're seeking to elevate your existing YouTube channel or lay the groundwork for a successful content strategy, I offer bespoke consultations tailored to your unique needs. My comprehensive approach covers all facets of YouTube content creation, from ideation and production to optimization and monetization. My goal is to demystify the complexities of the YouTube platform, helping you to harness its full potential as a powerful tool for business growth and personal branding.

Why Choose Me
Proven Track Record: My experience is backed by the success of my own YouTube channel, along with years of collaborating with YouTube to refine and improve the platform.

Insider Knowledge: I bring insider insights into YouTube's operational mechanisms and algorithmic trends, offering my clients a competitive edge.

Personalized Support: Understanding that each creator's journey is unique, I provide tailored advice that aligns with your specific goals and challenges.

If you're looking to navigate the intricacies of YouTube, improve your content's performance, or transform your channel into a thriving online business, I'm here to guide you. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your digital content and lay the foundations for lasting success on YouTube.

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Firstly, you don't have to be an expert, unless you are marketing yourself as one. You can just be a user, and provide an honest users review, which is totally fine. However, there is nothing stopping you from watching youtube videos from other reviewers, reading some blogs on the product and preparing a little script of notes and points that you would want to mention. There are a couple of big names out there for reviewing certain tech products - so if people want that kind of full on professional response that's who they are going to go to. So i would not focus on reviewing much of what they are reviewing from a technical perspective. If you are going technical you really need to know your stuff - because tech heads will eat you up (if its tech) - i would suggest making the videos from a user experience angle. Embed the videos on your webpage, and use the SEO and web traffic to push views to your video and build some authority on your channel. Over time it will grow so just keep it authentic.

The best answer would be Adobe Premier Pro -

The entire suite costs about $70 per month, which will include photoshop, illustrator, audition and a few others. But all of these will come in handy as you become more proficient. The thing is every software program is different. So, for example if you start on a different one now, and use it for a year or 2, then feel like you are ready to move to something more advanced, you will be basically starting from complete scratch. Even simple things that you thought you knew well, will be completely different. Now the thing with adobe premier is that it can be very complicated - there are so many things that software can do. However, at the same time you don't have to use any of those options, so you can start and keep it simple for yourself. The other benefit of adobe premier, is that it is one of the most popular and widely used programs for editing. So there is plenty of information how to use it. Even to this day after working on it for a few years, anytime i need to figure out how to do something, i just type it into youtube, and watch a 2 minute video on how to do it. As time goes on you start remembering all these skills that you use constantly and without even trying - with just time, you become proficient in the best program there is. Most of the other software doesn't even compare in terms of abilities, but also when you get stuck, you are going to have a hard time finding a video that will solve it for you.

Best of luck - Creating Youtube videos can be a lot of fun, and really profitable if done right.

Yes and No - I have run a couple of youtube channels for the last 5 years - FULL TIME - and i can tell you no matter what you do your ad revenue will continue to fall - If you are relying on youtube advertising and your sole income you might be in some trouble - I was in a similiar situation to yourself - the main problem is your content does not appeal to major advertisers - this requires you to get thousands of views for a few dollars - there are multiple ways to monitize and to use your traffic - i would be able to help you out with all of this - just be careful - if youtube in your income just imagine one day you log into your youtube account and all your content has been removed - will you be ok?

There are a number of things you can do to increase your downloads -

First there is the generic things, like stand out icon for the app store, and feature rich description (its important to note apps are like websites seo is important to get people to find your app), make sure you have a working app - check error reports and fix them - your app must be built in a way that users should have no reason to delete it.

It sounds like you already have a popular website with strong traffic, your main goal should be to convert that traffic into app users. Either through advertising the app via your website, or you can even use one of those plugins that detect if the user if looking at your site via their mobile phone, and automatically suggesting they use the app instead.

There are literally hundreds of thousands apps out there now, so to make yours get the users and keep them you have to work hard to keep the users you get - if you acquire 500 users in a month but lose 300, its going to take a very long time - use analytics to see exactly where you are losing customers and fix it, ever user is important.

Digital Therapy implies the app will provide some sort of therapy? in that case perhaps medical is not the way to go and new age would be better - something like www.youtube.com/user/brainwavepowermusic

Unless Your App is more like Zocdoc then that's something entirely different

lol if you are looking just to clone clarity -

its a good concept but remember that the real successful business's innovate not imitate

you are on the right track mate,

i have been working with apps for over 4 years, and only recently been working with paid advertising - there is a lot you can do for free marketing - just google it, and keep trying and learning - this is great learning tool for understanding the entire App market place

dont let the lack of funds stop you - i built everything with nothing myself also.

Just focus on this

Your app is your business - your product.

Your active users are your customers - when a customer uninstalls your app you have done something wrong - and have lost a customer.

Focus on the quality and service of your app.

Once this is perfect then you can worry about marketing - u dont want to market a product that doesn't work well.

Start a blog - talk about your experiences, what you are working on the app, get people involved, have a beta test group for testing out new versions, work on your play store keywords.

Analytic are good for dissecting each parts of your app - just like any business - treat your customers well and with respect and you will get it back.

All the best - the app game is not an easy one but as long as you take it seriously, you will outperform most apps by a mile. As really most are just devs trying to make a living by flooding the market with cheap apps, so quality always outperforms

if its a community of people that like to pay to feel exclusive - sure it will work - otherwise no it will most likely fail - you would need to be providing information or value others cant get anywhere else - usually with business executives and leaders

Communities have value and power in their size - so growth of the community is key to success

how do you grow a community - just focus on being part of the community, a great source of information and discussion of like minded people - remove spammers, focus on quality and let the community grow -

once it grows you can find so many avenues of monitization - depends on the community and how you choose to try and monetize it

Once your profitable and have a concept that works - finding investors is not the problem, its getting rid of them. Who doesnt want to put money into something that has proven to work and make a return?

Seeding and funding is more for people trying to build a concept they think will work, and need investors to make it happen.

You guys are doing well, focus on increasing your revenue, monitization strategies and customer acquisitions.

Dont give away a bit of your company for more capital - unless you fear your company is about to close if you dont get funding - then push on - learn to do more with less just like you did to get to where you are today. Most services are BS when it comes to expansion and growth. So my advice is always avoid funding if you can -

the benefits
-You stay in complete control - no responsibility to investors, no debt, if you actually solve the revenue problems then you will be capital positive.

My recommendation is break down what excatly you want to do in terms of product developement and sales & marketing - come up with some budgets and what return you would expect - do this for two scenarios - one with no external funding and one with external funding - then get started with the no external funding

you will quickly see that had you got funding for sales and marketing you would be literally getting an investor to throw their money in bin on the condition you will go back to the first plan anyway just to pay back your investor.

Really hope this helps you out, all the best

Congratulations on the success of your business

- With a turnover like that you should have a strong brand presence.

PR/Social Media is what you need

but this is totally dependent on your target market -

who they are and more importantly where they are -

for example if your customers are young and trendy - i would suggest contacting the top youtube influences in beauty and make up - these people have millions of followers and most of them cant wait to receive something free for an endorsement and what you have is much better than any free product out there - free jewellery would be much cheaper than hiring a PR firm -

most marketing companies outsource thier design overseas - so it might feel like your paying top dollar but in most cases you are paying thousands of dollars for someone that is getting paid $10 an hour with low skills.

So be very careful who you give your business to - if your market is a older age group - then youtube would be a waste and a complete disaster - facebook,instagram would be better

each social network has an entirely different audience. Adwords and paid services are good, especially when you know your market.

Based of the little bit of info i would suggest you build up your Brand - the name and expertise - do you have a useful blog - do more than sell jewelry - be the trusted source of all jewelry information

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