What Is the best pricing structure for a digital therapy app distributed by healthcare providers?

We are looking to sell/license our software (mobile/web app) to national mental health centers and wanted to know what the best pricing structure would be. The app will be prescribed to patients and their use monitored by the provider.


So the firs thing I wonder about this is not what the price will be, but how will you get mental health providers to integrate the app into their workflow? What is the ROI specifically that would make a company want to buy this? How can you justify the cost with the value provided? Is this something that can be billled for? What is the entire interaction between the patient and the doctor? Is the doctor going to get paid for using this? What is the benefit to the provider for implementing this? Once you understand the perspectives and experiences of every individual who is touching the product then you can start thinking about price.

Answered 9 years ago

Digital Therapy implies the app will provide some sort of therapy? in that case perhaps medical is not the way to go and new age would be better - something like

Unless Your App is more like Zocdoc then that's something entirely different

Answered 9 years ago

Payer perspective - As a medical director with an insurance company a few questions come to mind which can help in your thinking on this. Is there a CPT for the services? Is there an ICD-10 code for the conditions? Who do you feel is the payer, ie the patient, clinic, insurance company, employer? Of those payer's who do you have an existing relationship with or industry connection with? One approach would be to ensure the services of the app are covered in health insurers medical necessity and/or utilization management protocols so they can be billed for. You could also sell the app to health insurers in which case they would pay you a per member per month rate for the individuals using this. They could help promote the use of the app through their care managers or their digital health resources. Happy to talk more on this to help you understand the market from my perspective.

Answered 6 years ago

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