I've been working on the product for about year and garnered a lot of interest and validation. I'm ready to launch this thing. Anything I should know or do beforehand?

I would need more details to understand that nature of your product but i would encourage the following exercises:

1. Pre-sales: the ultimate validation is getting people to agree to pre purchase your product. What I mean is actual exchange of money. This can be done through kickstarter or less formally by simply getting interested parties to purchase the product before the shipping date directly. I find that many people will say they like your idea but getting them to commit by paying is the best. It helps you with cash flow as well as being taken more seriously by investors if you are looking for investment.

2. PR: start by writing a press release. Press releases by themselves serve little value in actually getting you press but the exercise itself can be very valuable in thinking out what makes your product interesting and unique. The press release should have an interesting and exciting headline (basically your 3 second pitch) and you will be forced to position your product and answer the question "who cares?"

Once your press release is done you can use it as a frame work to individually pitch and tell your story to influencers and journalists who can help get your story out to the world. This is one of the best, and least expensive ways to generate momentum once you launch.

I can help you craft a story angle and strategy for getting free exposure through PR as I've done with hundreds of other start ups.

Good luck!

Answered 5 years ago

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