Why are my "Publisher Monetized Pageviews" in Google Analytics data far less than "Publisher Impressions"?

I checked my publisher referral date in Google Analytics and the data (primarily Adsense) shows a big difference in "Publisher monetized pageviews" and "publisher impressions" It seems like I'm losing a huge chunk of revenue there. Or am I missing something? Is it possible to passback to a different network through dfp for these unmonetized pageviews?


It's isn't just you.

Adobe reported that "over $21.8 billion in global ad revenues have been blocked/lost so far in 2015." largely thanks to mass adoption with the AdBlocking software :) 21 million users in 2009, to 198 million active global users as of June 2014-likely overtaking the other comps entirely.

Answered 9 years ago

Impressions are TOTAL ad views. If you have 3 ads on a page, you will have 3 impressions.

If user sees only two ads (say one is at the bottom of the page, and user doesn't scroll down), you will have 2 impressions.

Page views is how many times a page was seen.

Good luck

Answered 7 years ago

Statistics plays a large role in web analytics. It would be important to look at Google Analytics, and look at the way they measure the indicators. Maybe other factors such as id based on mobile applications matter. It depends on the way it is measured. I can look into this more, but business analytics have become increasingly popular. Thank you.
With wishes for great success.
Marla A.

Answered 6 years ago

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