I built a product that will solve a critical issue in the healthcare industry. I've never run a business before so would appreciate some advice. I know this product will change the healthcare industry landscape. Our first client requested a demo. How do I get clients to signup after they have requested a demo? Should I charge an introductory fee for use of the beta?

You need to get in contact with the person who requested the demo, and with them identify all the stakeholders who contribute to the decision. Then you need to talk to all those stakeholders.

It's great that "you know" your product will make a big difference for them...problem is, THEY have to believe that, too.

So your job is to find out where they're at. Do they share this belief? Are they skeptical? Have they been burned before? What questions do they have?

These things all need to be uncovered BEFORE you do any sort of presentation.

Finally, a word about language. If a person or company isn't yet using your solution, and hasn't paid for it, they aren't a "client"...they're a prospect.

So right now you have a good prospect. Find out as much as you can about them and the situation they are in.

Answered 6 years ago

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