I need help with getting engineers and designers to build custom build cars for my company. How do I go about finding these people?

Hello this question is very open in nature and the topic of sourcing or talent engagement for various projects is really based on the task or project at hand. Understanding your position or unique proposition and creating a value statement or selling point for use in the marketplace is one way to attract like mined individuals to your endeavor. However, this is a very limited answer, and to really get a solid actionable plan some concerns and questions need to be reviewed. I have over 25 year in Talent Management, and source currently for DOD, Private and SAAS, SAAP type companies. Sourcing talent is always a challenge if you do not first define what you need and why, then create a strategy to obtain the resource in the vertical you operate in...I would willing to speak with you on this as you want to learn more and answer any specific questions you may have.

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Answered 5 years ago

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